TORONTO Live entertainment, live music, weddings, corporate and private events

Toronto singer - Pop, Rock, Latin, Dance, Disco, R & B, Soul, Motown, Funk, Ballads, Rock & Roll and Oldies, Jazz Standards, Top 40.

"One thing is for sure, GILMARO will have you screaming for more!"

                              Mircea Baniciu - October 2011 - "Vernisage" Toronto


         COMPACT - Paul Ciuci & Lelut Vasilescu - July 2008 - Toronto Centre for the Arts

   Gheorghe Gheorghiu - March 2016 - "Westmount" Toronto

                Vlady Cnejevici - October 2011 - "Vernisage"  Toronto


GILMARO - Toronto singer with an extensive repertoire spanning Pop-Rock to classic R&B and modern Top 40. His soulful engaging stage presence sets the perfect ambiance for any event. He is a highly gifted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, with an impressive resume of live performances and in-studio experience. With experience performing for corporate events, weddings, and various private engagements, GILMARO works with clients to hand pick the perfect songs for any occasion!

GILMARO has been entertaining crowds for over 15 years and he offers a variety of different live music packages to fit all your needs. Solo, full band, duo acoustic, piano bar.

Born in Romania, GILMAR Oprisan started to sing from an early age, and from then on has always wanted to pursue a musical career. Gilmaro has a passion for music and he believes that his destiny is to make people happy.

Gilmaro has played in various shows and collaborated with musicians in Romania, Israel, Holland and Canada. He has appeared on TV and Radio stations. Gilmaro has performed in clubs, festivals and venues and has been on stage with top artists, such as: 
  • "Wild T & the Spirit"-Tony Springer who open the stage for David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple and Jeff Healey 
  • Celia Palli -Nelly Furtado's backing vocals 
  • Ioan Luchian Mihalea 
  • Gil Dobrica  
  • Mircea Baniciu 
  • Gheorghe Gheorghiu
  • Vlady Cnejevici 
  • Compact
  • Gabriel Cotabita
  • Nicu Alifantis
  • Ducu Bertzi
  • Aura Urziceanu 
  • Doru Octavian Dumitru 
  • Pepe 
  • Veta Biris 
  • Autentic
  • Loredana Groza
  • Carmen Trandafir 
  • Mona Rosoga 
  • Alin Constantiu 
  • Cezar Zavate 
  • Catalin Tuta-Popescu - "VH2","Spin" 
  • Gil Ionita
  • Toni Seicarescu -"Directia 5" 
  • Vali Neamtu (Galagie) -"Danutz S.R.L. 
  • Manuel Savu-"Mihai Godoroja band" 
  • Cristi Ionita Zapada -"Metrock" 
  • Mircea Burete Preda - "Voltaj, Quartz, Directia 5, Vita de Vie" 
  • Daniel Robu - "D la Vegas" 
  • George Patranoiu - "Taxi","Schimbul Trei"
  •  Floare Albastra

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